July 2024

Debra – The Butterfly Skin Charity

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Debra – The Butterfly Skin Charity.

Debra are an incredible Irish charity dedicated to transforming the lives of people living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), caring for someone with EB, or bereaved by EB, through care, research and advocacy. EB is an incurable and painful genetic skin condition, also known as ‘Butterfly Skin’, as the skin of people with EB breaks and tears at the slightest touch.  This is due to missing essential proteins that bind the skin’s layers
together, so any minor friction, movement or trauma causes it to break and blister.

For more information see www.debra.ie

EB Research

Debra are the largest funder in Ireland of EB research. They have been responsible, through funding pioneering research and working internationally, for establishing much of what is now known about EB  and won’t stop until treatments and cures are found.

EB Support

Debra’s services and support are free, confidential, and tailored to the needs of people impacted by EB. They advocate for services, provide financial support, meet face-to-face for emotional and practical support in all of Ireland, and more.

Campaigns and Advocacy 

Debra believe no one impacted by EB should struggle to get the support and services they need. They are dedicated to campaigning to change policies that affect people’s lives so no one has to fight alone.

How you can support!

When you purchase MACE 500ml, 2lt and 5lt Water we make a 10c donation to Debra and 1c on selected MACE own brand products!

You can also support by giving cash at our instore charity units or by scanning the QR on them.