MACE partners with Down Syndrome Ireland

At MACE we are proud to work with Down Syndrome Ireland as our Charity Partner. Down Syndrome Ireland is the national organisation for people with Down syndrome. They provide a wide range of vital services including parental support, early development, speech & language therapy, health, education, primary, secondary and third level, older age, personal development and employment opportunities that enhance the lives of thousands of children and adults with Down syndrome.

All of the money raised by MACE and our shoppers through collection boxes in stores and a donation on selected MACE own brand products goes towards the recruitment of Regional Resource Officers. The role of the Regional Resource Officers is to provide much needed support and information to parents and people with Down syndrome. They are responsive to local needs and demands, providing families with a source of local information and support, as well as a link into specialist advice when needed. The Regional Resource Officers are working closely with families to ensure people with Down syndrome are supported through all stages of life.

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