May 2022 We are delighted to announce the launch of the MACE Unsung Heroes Community Awards 2022. We want to hear who the unsung heroes are in local communities all around Ireland. The people who go the extra mile to make a difference, but in many cases do not get the recognition they deserve or would never put themselves forward for an award. We want you to nominate your unsung hero, and to tell us which award you think they should win and why. There are 5 award categories with a prize of €1000 for the most worthy hero in each category and the overall MACE Community Award winner will receive an amazing €5000.

HOW TO ENTER: Simply tell us who you are nominating and in less than 200 words what they have done and why they deserve to win; you can upload an image/video to support your entry if you wish (.jpg, .png and .mp4 are all accepted formats; up to 0.5GB in size; maximum video length 60 seconds please) and supply contact details. There is no limit on the number of award categories that someone can be nominated. Terms & conditions apply.

Closing date for entries is 31st May 2022. Winners will be announced in June 2022.


  1. CHARITY AWARD– this award will be given to the hero who in the opinion of the judges have made a tremendous contribution to a charity*, it may be a national or local cause. *Note – the charity involved should have a charity number for entry into this award.
  2. ENVIRONMENT AWARD– this award will be given to the hero who has had made a positive impact to improving their local environment.
  3. CHILD AND YOUTH AWARD– for 8-18 year olds* – this award will be given to the young hero who is making a difference in their community. *Note that you must have the approval of a parent/guardian to nominate someone in this category.
  4. SPORTS, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING AWARD– we are looking for heroes who have made a difference to their local community through sports or a health or well-being related initiative.
  5. MACE STORE TEAM AWARD– We know that the teams in MACE stores are the people who make a difference to our shoppers and we want to recognise them. Nominate your local MACE store team that has gone the extra mile to help you.
  6. MACE OVERALL COMMUNITY AWARD– What we are looking for here is a hero who has made a substantial difference to their local community. The judges will select which in their opinion is the most outstanding entry amongst the category awards for the overall community award.